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We also have strong expertise in the making of design and function changing in the existing Systems. When it comes to up-gradation and  Development, Design or last minute job addition our solution are simply par excellence. We Provide Reverse Engineering solutions for all diversified sectors.


How Much Will It Cost and take Time to Commercialise Your Idea for a New Device/ Equipment/ Machine ?


Do you have an idea for a new  Device/ Equipment/ Machine and want to know how much it will cost to get it from where you are now to the point that it is regulatory approved and ready for commercialisation?

Do you also want to know the steps involved and the timescale that is likely to apply?

At RIRDO, we have extensive experience designing and developing new, innovative, and cutting-edge Device/ Equipment/ Machine. Therefore, we are asked the above questions a lot.

So, we decided to make getting the answers as easy as possible.

Introducing Our SERVICES  & Estimate Calculator for your PRODUCT :-

You can get an automatic estimated cost for designing and developing your new Device/ Equipment/ Machine idea with our new and advanced techniques.

Importantly, you don’t need to provide commercially sensitive information and you don’t need to risk of disclosing any of your intellectual property.

Your estimate will be emailed to you along with a Road Map that outlines the steps involved to commercialise the Device/ Equipment/ Machine.

You will also have the option to request a call back from one of our expert design engineers to discuss your specific project and answer any questions you have. This is optional and there is no obligation.

Your Intellectual Property

At RIRDO, we take privacy and the protection of your data very seriously. In addition, we also operate on a basis with all our clients that they retain 100 percent of their intellectual property.

As a result, you can have confidence in completing your design and decide to go on to use our design or manufacturing services in the future.

We have a refined and highly effective Device/ Equipment/ Machine design process at RIRDO, plus we have a lot of experience bringing innovative ideas to reality.

Our clients include small and medium-sized manufacturers of Device/ Equipment/ Machine  businesses. We also work with all professionals and entrepreneurs who have ideas that are set to transform their IDEAS to REALITY.

Our Organisation have been setup  by our expert team using knowledge gained from multiple projects.

In less than FIVE minutes you will have a better understanding of your IDEAS  involved to bring it practicality to the commercialisation stage. Get started with the us now.

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